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Januaey 15, 2015

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Confirmation of Santilli's Detection of Antimatter Galaxies,
via a Telescope with Concave Lenses
S. Beghella-Bartoli, P. M. Bhujbal, A. Nas
American Journal of Modern Physics Vol. 4, pages 34-41 (2015)

Following decades of mathematical, theoretical, and experimental research on antimatter, recent results have announced the apparent detection of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays via the use of a new telescope with concave lenses known as the Santilli telescope. This article presents results providing additional confirmations that Santilli has indeed achieved the first known detection of antimatter in the large scale structure of the universe, and identifies the main implications.

5. Conclusions
Following the preliminary independent confirmation of Ref. [25], in this paper we have provided additional confirmations that, as a result of unprecedented mathematical, theoretical and experimental research on antimatter over decades [1-15], Santilli has achieved: 1) A theory of neutral or charged antimatter for the first time applicable from classical mechanics to second quantization in a way compatible with experimental data; 2) A new relativity for the first time capable of an axiomatically consistent, classical representation of the gravitational field of neutral or charged antimatter bodies; 3) The discovery of a basically new telescope with concave lenses that has produced for the first time images of antimatter bodies in the large scale structure of the universe that are totally invisible to all available telescopes as well as to the naked eye; 4) The experimental confirmation of Dirac's historical hypothesis that antimatter carries negative energy while resolving related problems via Santilli's isodual mathematics; and 5) The first known experimental evidence on the existence of antigravity between matter and antimatter>

A view in the left of a streak of light from a distant matter-galaxy FROM a Galileo Refractive Telescope with conventional convex lenses in the Vega region of the night sky under a 15 second exposure, and a view in the right of one of numerous streaks of darkness detected via the associated Santilli Refractive Telescope with concave lenses expected to be due to an antimatter-galaxy (see the above quoted paper for details).

The only possibility for a telescope with concave lenses to focus images is that the antimatter-light has an index of refraction opposite that of matter-light (left view). In turn, a negative index of refraction can only occur if antimatter-light is repelled by matter, namely, matter and antimatter repel each other (right view).


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Detection of Antimatter Galaxies via Santilli Telescope with
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Report showing Potential Audience 137,259,200

Prof. SantilliÕs French Inetrview on Antimatter



Pamela Fleming
Executive Vice President
The Institute for Basic Research

Asking Questions
Santilli's mathematical, theoretical and experimental studies on antimatter are simply fascinating and attract the attention of the most callous physicist, if nothing else, for the long list of intriguing open problems. Questions should be addressed directly to Santilli at his email research(at)i-b-r(dot)org. Having been born and educated in a high level Italian family Santilli knows good manners better than most of us, and and he has the friendly personality of all Italian personality when addressed with respect.

Research grants
The first Announcement of the R. M. Santilli Foundation on September 9, 2009, indicated the availability of research funds for innovative studies on antimatter The call was answered by scientists from fourteen developed countries and the results are quite visible today. The RMS Foundation confirms the continued availability of research grants in antimatter. Inquiries should be addressed to Richard Anderson, Trustee, at the email: board(at)santilli-foundation(dot)org.

Santilli pseudo-proton or CERN anti-proton
As it is well known, CERN claims that anti-protons p are created by hitting a matter-target with high energy protons p+. In his historical first detection of antimatter galaxies, Santilli suggested scientific caution prior to the claim of having created antimatter for various technical reasons, such as: the reactions used in the production of the claimed anti-proton violate the PCT theorems; matter and antimatter should solely annihilate into light, while protons and the claimed anti-protons annihilate into a shower of particles as it is the case, e.g., for the Bose-Einstein Correlation

(1)    p+ + p → shower of particles.

under which reaction matter-antimatter annihilation is known tlo be impossible; the above "annihilation"` of protons and the claimed anti-protons clearly violates the PCT theorem; et al.

Santilli has dedicated decades of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research on the laboratory synthesis of the neutron from a proton and an electron as occurring in a star

(2)    p+ + e → n + ?

See, for instance, the latest experimental confirmation with large preceding literature, the 12 minute DVD on the prototype reactor, and Level VII of the World Lecture Series

A remote controlled thermal neutron source based on the above principles (international patent pending) is now under organization for production and sale by Thunder Energies Corporation ( see in particular the Executive Summary, U. S. corporation that recently initiated trading of its stock at the OTCBB under the symbol TNRG

The understanding of the question mark in Reaction (2) requires the study of a few thousand pages, with a summary presented in the paper R. M. Santilli, "The etherino and/or the Neutrino Hypothesis?"

As part of these studies, Santilli observed in the Appendix of paper that the synthesis of the neutron can also admit a second synthesis, this time, into a new particle he called pseudo-proton with symbol p*, having the characteristics of the proton except of being unstable and having negative charge

(3)    p+ + e + e → p*

Pseudo-protons can evidently capture positrons, leading to pseudo-Hydrogen atoms which are mostly made up of matter (since the antimatter component, the positron, would be 1/1800 lighter than the matter component), in which case any test of the gravity of antimatter could be fundamentally flawed.

Santilli's call for scientific caution in such a fundamental aspect of our knowledge has been answered by numerous scientists. For instance, the experimentalist Victor de Haan stressed in his recent paper the need for CERN to be absolutely certain that their anti-protons are indeed an antiparticles, which can be only achieved via new particle-antiparticle annihilation tests.

An experimental effort is now under way at the laboratory of Thunder Energies Corporation to see whether the synthesis of the neutron via reaction (2) also produces pseudo-protons according to the subsequent Reaction (3). This aim is being searched for by separate negatively charged particles in the plasma of the neutron synthesis and then separate them via their masses and other means and contribution by interested experimentalists are solicited.

Since they are attracted by nuclei, pseudo-protons appear to have special features to trigger esoenergetic nuclear transmutations, as first suggested in the paper The following provocative PRWeb Release should be taken into account due to its vast distribution

Is the Ongoing Test at Cern on the Gravity of Antimatter via
the Alleged "Anti-Hydrogen Atoms" an Expensive Scientific Blunder?


Contributions in favor or against the matter or antimatter character of Santilli pseudo-proton and CERN anti-protons are solicited. Research grants are available for theoretical or experimental works.

The threat to mankind
Santilli dedicated so much attention to antimatter because our Earth has been devastated in the past by antimatter asteroids as it is the case for the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia since our entire atmosphere remained excited for days. In the event America is hit by an antimatter asteroid even as small as a football, all our civilian, industrial and military communications will be disrupted for days due to the excitation of our atmosphere caused by intense radiations. In view of this real threat to mankind, numerous scientists have answered the call to awareness of this danger, see, e.g., the paper by R. Anderson, A. A. Bhalekar, B. Davvaz, P. Muktibodh, V. M. Tangde, and T. Vougiouklis

Admittedly, the number of impacts of antimatter-asteroids on Earth is smaller than the impacts of matter-asteroids due to the protective repulsion of antimatter by Earth, as technically studied by S. Beghella Bartoli in the recent paper

We solicit contributions by serious scientists on how to detect antimatter-asteroids, by keeping in mind that we do not know for sure at this writing whether matter-light, such as light from our Sun or our lasers, is reflected by antimatter-asteroids. Interested participants should contact Richard Anderson at board(at)santilli-foundation(dot)org.

Personal note
I announced Santilli's historical first detection of antimatter galaxies via the protection of a national law firm under the backing of an investigative agency (still in alert) because of the excessively arrogant and offensive treatment of Santilli's discoveries by the scientific community for the evident reason of opposing the surpassing of the now old Einstein theories

As a test to ascertain whether proper language is appropriate for the contemporary scientific community, I elected to release this Announcement in respectful scientific language . The hope is that the scientific community finally comes to its sense and implements due scientific process for fundamental topics by remembering that, as done by Pope Francis in a recent interview, according to the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran, arrogance and offensive conduct mandate a response.

Pamela Fleming
Excessive Vice President
The Institute for Basic Research


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