TEC Division of Nuclear Instruments (tec-dne)

As it is well known, stars initiate their life as an aggregate of Hydrogen atoms. The first and most fundamental synthesis in the core of a star is that of neutrons as "compressed" Hydrogen atoms according to Rutherford’s conception in 1920 subsequently verified. The majestic production of light by a star can only initiate following the synthesis of neutrons, since they are needed for the syntheses of all natural elements.

A number of scientific, industrial and military applications require the use of a flux of neutrons that, nowadays, are solely available, either in minute amounts from rare radioactive elements or from dangerous conditions in nuclear power reactors.

Following also fifty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research, Dr. Santilli has discovered industrial means for the synthesis on Earth of neutrons from a Hydrogen gas, thus allowing for the first time in history the capability to produce the desired flux of neutrons with the desired energy anywhere and anytime desired via a remotely operated touch screen control.

TEC-DNE is currently finalizing the specifications of Santilli Thermal Neutron SourcesTM (TNS) and


then organizing their production, promotion, sale and service in various models depending on the needed flux and energy of the neutrons (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Views of the production prototype of TEC Thermal Neutron Source showing the complete unit with a Hydrogen pressure bottle (left); the reactor with various neutron detectors (top right) and the remote touch screen control (bottom right) of Santilli Thermal Neutron Source

TEC-DNE will also conduct a campaign to promote the awareness of fellow Americans on the need to develop new technologies suitable to test commercial containers coming from abroad to rapidly ascertain whether they contain fissionable material usable for atomic bombs.

For more detailed information, including scientific publications, please view the the scientific paper published in a refereed journal

Confirmation of the laboratory synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas

A 12 minute long DVD on the neutron synthesis is available from the link