Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
CEO and Chief Scientist
Thunder Energies Corporation

Image of Dr. Ruggero Santilli

Dr. Ruggero Santilli was born and educated in Italy where he achieved his Ph.D., the highest possible education in mathematics and physics, as well as a chair in nuclear physics at the Avogadro Institute in Turin. In 1967 Dr. Santilli was invited by the University of Miami in Florida to conduct research for NASA and he moved with his family to the U.S.A. where he subsequently became a U.S. citizen. In 1968 he joined the faculty of Boston University, under partial support from the U.S. Air Force, where he taught physics and mathematics from prep courses to seminar post-Ph.D. courses. From 1974 to 1977 he was a visiting scientist at MIT and from 1978 to 1983 he was a member of the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University under support by the U. S. Department of Energy to study a generalization of quantum mechanics and chemistry needed for new clean energies and fuels. Since 1984 Dr. Santilli is the President of and Dressor of Physics at the Institute for Basic Research, originally located in a Victorian iHouse located within the compound of Harvard University and moved to Florida in 1990. Dr. Santilli is the author of some 250 technical articles and 18 post Ph.D. level monographs in mathematics, physics, cosmology, superconductivity, chemistry and biology published the world over. He is the founding editor of three journals in mathematics and physics and editor of several others. Dr. Santilli is known in mathematics for the discovery of a series of new numbers, now called "Santilli iso-, geno-, hyper- and isodual-numbers" and other discoveries; he is known in physics as the originator of "hadronic mechanics", the only known consistent broadening of quantum mechanics predicting new clean energies; and he is known in chemistry as the originator of "hadronic chemistry", a broadening of quantum chemistry developed for the study of new clean fuels. Dr. Santilli is the recipient of numerous prestigious prizes (which can be seen in the web site ) for being among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times; he received two gold medals for scientific merits; and the listing as "Santilli Hall" of a class-room at an Australian research center. Since the 80s, Dr. Santilli has been recommended by scholars around the world to the nominations for the Nobel Prize in physics as well as in chemistry. In addition to his intense scientific activity, including the yearly organization of various meetings in new mathematics, physics and chemistry. From 2007 to 2013, Dr. Santilli has been the Head Scientist of Magnegas Corporation (a U. S. company with stock traded at NASDAQ under the symbol MNGA) that has developed a new gaseous fuels with complete combustion internationally sold under the name of "magnegas." Currently, Dr. Santilli is the Chairman of the Board and Head Scientist o the new publicly traded company, Thunder Energies Corporation, which is developing the cleanest possible and most efficient possible combustion of fossil or synthetic fuels. For details, please visit Dr. Santilli's CV

Dr. Leong Ying
Thunder Energies Corporation

Dr. Leong Ying

Leong Ying is a child of the world: born in Singapore, educated in England, and now a dual citizen of the United States of America. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nuclear Physics and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics from the University of Liverpool. Dr. Ying is an avid marathoner who has ran across all seven continents, including Antarctica. A nuclear physicist by academic qualification, patented inventor, and a skilled engineer in the fields of cryogenics, superconductivity, and radiation technologies. And on the flip side of his personality he is also an award-winning author, stage director, and poet.

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Margaret Haberlin-Currey
Chief Financial Officer
Thunder Energies Corporation

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Dr. Yun Yang
Executive Vice President for Research
Thunder Energies Corporation

Yun Yang is one of the world's leading experts in Plasma Technology and has been working with Dr. Santilli since 2012. He was a Senior Research Engineer at Atlantic Hydrogen, Inc., which develops ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions connected to natural gas production, from 2005 until 2012. From 2002 until 2004, Dr. Yang was a Post Doctoral and Research Associate at Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacture Engineering at Loughborough University, UK. From 1993 to 1998, Dr. Yang was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Yang holds a Ph.D in experimental Plasma Physics from Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University, Germany, a Master of Mathematics and Mechanics in Engineering from Beijing Science & Technology University, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Yunnan University, China. Dr. Yang is the scientist who authored fundamental experimental papers in Santilli's nuclear synthesess without radiations, in the new chemical special of magnecules and other basic advances.

Dr. Ascar Aringazin
Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan
and Scientific Advisor, Thunder Energies Corporation

Ascar Aringazin received his Master of Science degree at Department of Theoretical Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 1985, Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in Moscow State University, 1988 (Supervisors: Prof. Arseny A. Sokolov and Dr. Gennady S. Asanov, Dissertation title: ''Some problems of Finslerian theory of gravity and gauge fields''), and D.Sc. in Theoretical Physics in Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1998 (Dissertation title: ''Functional deformational approach to gravitation, Hamiltonian and quantum mechanics''). He is author of more than 70 scientific articles, and 4 monographs, in the fields of special relativity, gravitation, quantum field theory, gauge fields, quantum tunneling, statistical physics and thermodynamics, developed turbulence, and plasma chemistry. He started his work in Karaganda State University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, in 1988, and from 1991 to 1997 was Head of Department of Theoretical Physics. In 2001 he moved to Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan, where he took position of Director of Institute for Basic Research, and was Vice-Rector for Science and International Affairs in 2004-2006, and Vice-Rector for Information Technologies in 2006-2007. He taught courses in Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Nuclear physics, Mathematical methods of theoretical physics, Quantum chromodynamics, Theory of electroweak interactions, Special and General Relativity, Cosmology. As scientific leader/teacher for Kazakhstan team of students he participated International Physics Olympiads and Asian Physics Olympiads in 2002-2010, and was leader and judge in INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (2006-2013). He was Independent Director in Board of Directors of Kazsatnet (2006-2008) and Transtelecom (2008-2011) companies, and Director in Astana Innovations company, in Kazakhstan. He was invited speaker of international conferences, principal investigator of several scientific projects under grants of Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, and is member of Editorial boards of Hadronic Journal, Algebras, Groups and Geometries (USA), Izvestiya Vuzov, Povolgski Region, Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Russia), Eurasian Physical Technical Journal (Kazakhstan). E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eng. Simone Beghella Bartoli
Scientific Advisor
Thunder Energies Corporation

Simone Beghella Bartoli is a Space Engineer having graduated from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. During his degree, he has developed strong competences in engineering space-related topics, and a particular interest for flight dynamics and mission analysis, participating during his studies as a mission analysis engineer to a project for phase-A feasibility study of a mission to Neptune-Triton system, whose results were also presented at European Space Agency Concurrent Design Facility in the Netherlands. As part of his master thesis, he had the opportunity to cooperate with University of Strathclyde in Glasgow to trajectory optimization studies for ESMO mission. Simone's background has provided him with a good basis for mission analysis software development and analysis, together with the ability to write scientific papers, technical documentation and reports. With this background he was able to conduct research, apparently for the first time, about the possible trajectories of antimatter asteroids in our Solar System, basing on the Isodual Theory of Antimatter, which implies among the other things gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter

Dr. Anil A. Bhalekar
R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India
and Scientific Advisor, Thunder Energies Corporation

Anil A. Bhalekar retired in January 2006 as a Professor of Physical Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India after putting on 28 years of active and distinguished service. Before this Dr. Bhalekar served University of Udaipur, Udaipur, India as Assistant Professor at its Department of Chemistry during 1970-76. Dr. Bhalekar is a Member of Scientific Advisory Board and a Honorary Fellow Associate of Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM) Einstein-Galilein, Prato, Italy. He is the Vice President of Indian Thermodynamics Society. He had been a Council Member (2005-2008) of Chemical Research Society of India. Dr. Bhalekar is a Life Member of (i) Indian Thermodynamics Society, (ii) Chemical Research Society of India and (iii) Indian Chemical Society. Dr. Bhalekar was honored with an award of Emeritus Scientist, CSIR and its three years tenure (January 2008 - December 2010) he spent at the Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. Dr. Bhalekar had been Visiting Professor at the Department of Physics of Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico (1994-1996) and in November 2006 at the Department of Physics of Universities of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Barcelona (Spain). Dr. Bhalekar has been an invited speaker at the Seminar Course on Hadronic Mechanics, KOS, Greece in September 2012 and at the 3rd International Conference on Lie Admissible Treatment of Irreversibility held at the Kathmandu University in January 2011. He has been invited to deliver talks at the Workshops on Iso-, geno-, hyper- and their isodual mathematics scheduled to be held at Rhodes, Greece as part of ICNAAM 2013 during 21-26 September 2013. Dr. Bhalekar did Post-Doctoral research on Micellar Catalysis at the University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands during 1976-77. Dr. Bhalekar was awarded Ph.D. degree (Chemistry) in 1973 by the University of Udaipur, Udaipur, India and title of the thesis was Study of Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Aldehydes and Some Ketonic Compounds (Acetophenones) by Chromium (VI). He obtained M.Sc. degree in Chemistry in 1968 from the same University with an award of the Gold Medal for standing first in Order of Merit. He has published about 50 research papers and edited one monograph on Contemporary Nonequilibrium Thermodynamic Research. His research interests are Hadronic Chemistry, Hadronic Thermodynamics, Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Micellar Catalysis and Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation reactions.

Dr. Victor de Haan
Scientific Consultant
Thunder Energies Corporation

Image of Dr. Victor de Haan

I was born on August 13, 1965 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Highschool was finished successfully in 1982 (HAVO) and I started my Applied Physics studies: Bachelor in 1986, Masters in 1991 and PhD in 1995. I also started working at the Delft University of Technology in 1987 after an interim year serving my country in the national army. The subject of my PhD study was the development of a neutron spectrometer. I married in 1995 and worked after my PhD for 1.5 year for the Röntgen Technische Dienst in Rotterdam as a researcher. I laid the foundation for a new measuring instrument called INCOTEST. It measures the wall thickness of conducting objects at a distance and is based on pulsed eddy currents. For this work I received the Van Ouwerkerk award in 2001. In 1997 I decided to start my own company to facilitate research of small companies. BonPhysics R&I B.V. now exists for more than 17.5 years and projects were carried out for several companies and institutions. Example of such a project is a feasibility study about neutron radiography. At the R3 department of the TNW faculty of Delft University of Technology he was involved in the realization of the neutron spin echo reflectometer OffSpec at the ISIS pulsed neutron source and used this instrument to measure the Goos-Haenchen shift for neutrons reflecting from a magnetic sample. He is an experienced experimentalists and involved in interferometric measurements of gravity effects on neutrons and is investigating the possibilities to measure gravity effects on elementary particles or antiparticles. Further experiments he is performing are based on fiber optics and standing wave sensors. Information on experience at BonPhysics can be found at . For details, please visit Dr. De Haan CV

Thunder Energy Corporation Staff
Pictured left to right: Margaret Haberlin-Currey - CFO, Larry Quick - Technician, Carla Santilli - Founder & Director, Ruggero M. Santilli - Founder & CEO, Sherry Stone - Secretary, George W. Gaines - President & COO, Laura Gaines - Procurement Manager, Jaime Patterson - Machinist